5 Tips for Newly Blended Families

As many remarriages involve children from previous relationships, mixed families are more common than ever. However, when families blend, it seldom progresses smoothly. Some kids may resist changes, while you may become frustrated as a parent when your new family does not work the same way as your previous family once did. While mixing families requires adjustment for everyone involved, these guidelines can help your Read More

QRDOs: How Retirement Accounts are Handled in a California Divorce

Although you may not be able to receive benefits from your pension plan until you reach your retirement age, your plan can usually be divided into a divorce process long before your retirement. California courts can split pensions and other pension plans just as you and your spouse can split other types of property. Pension plans, however, may require additional paperwork to split them legally. Separate Property Read More

Understanding What California Courts Consider When Calculating Child Support

In California, financial support for children is based on a mathematical formula that takes into account the income of the parents, how much time each parent spends with the child, and any tax exemptions available to either parent. This formula is used when determining the support of a minor child, including in cases of divorce, paternity, and domestic partnership. Like most states, California has an online child Read More

7 Steps to Take If You Believe Divorce Is Imminent

Divorce is a long process for many couples. Whether it results from years of increasing animosity or comes quickly after a huge disruption, most people know that a divorce is unavoidable for weeks or even months in advance. If you are thinking about divorcing your partner or think that your partner will be filing for a divorce in the near future, there are steps you can take to safeguard yourself to reduce the Read More

Top 5 California Divorce Myths Debunked!

Perhaps it’s because divorces are so unique and such emotional events that myths about divorce are created. What happens in one instance gets shared with a group of people. Suddenly, the results of one divorce become the predicted results for all divorces. Below are the top five California divorce myths.   Myth #1: Courts Favor Moms This is false. It’s illegal for California courts to have a preference for one Read More

California Family Law 101: Understanding Annulment as an Alternative to Divorce

For some couples, an annulment might be a better option than a divorce. For some couples, it may have been because of an inherent illegality to the marriage itself. No matter what your situation, if you qualify, an annulment will legally indicate that your marriage was not valid -- that it never existed legally. So, how and when can annulment be an alternative to divorce? Who Can File for an Annulment? In Read More

5 Ways Dads Can Co-Parent Healthily After a Divorce

Divorce can be very painful for everyone involved, especially the children. Even in the best of circumstances, a divorce is going to change the dynamic of the relationship between kids and parents, and that can be very hard to get used to. As a father, it is important to do everything you can to co-parent in a healthy way that will allow your kids to grow up well-adjusted and ready for whatever comes their way. The Read More

Understanding Legal and Physical Custody

The most difficult part of divorce is probably losing time with your children. The court will award custody based on the best interests of your kids, so be sure you have your life in order when you head to court. You should also know that legal custody and physical custody are two completely different things. When a parent has legal custody, they are in charge of major decisions in the child’s life such as medical Read More

What Exactly Are the Child’s Best Interests?

In California, family court judges must base their custody decisions on what is best for the children. On the outset, both parents have equal rights to custody of their child. Mothers are no longer favored simply for being women. Instead, California law determines the child’s best interests based on two specific policies which then break down further into mitigating factors. Safety, Health, and Welfare of the Read More

What You Need to Know About Selecting the Right Guardian

Planning your estate becomes more complicated when you have children. You’ll need to arrange for someone to care for them if you and the other parent die or become incapacitated, so they won’t end up in foster care. Being placed with a new family can be disruptive and traumatic for your child, so choosing a legal guardian in your will or grant of guardianship is extremely important. Here are some suggestions on what Read More