Professional, knows family law and CARES about your case. I cannot say enough good things about Kayleene as a custody or family law attorney! She did an amazing job on my custody case, even though she took the case late in the process and had to deal with a lot of problems that were created from the prior representation and court hearings. All of that did not scare her away, though! She rapidly learned the facts from the prior case file, and knew all about the case, in detail, in no time. This was not an easy case, legally or emotionally. There were a lot of issues, and she knew the law, or found it out right away, for each issue. Kayleene does not “shoot from the hip” or leave anything to chance; she prepares for every possible issue or point, and she actually remembers what you have told her about the facts. She has endless energy, and worked weekends, late nights, whatever she felt was needed to be absolutely prepared. She stays in very close communication as trial approaches, so you can both be well prepared. She spoke at length to my witnesses, and they felt well prepared to testify also. Then, she had to do it all over, after the judge postponed the case on the day of trial! Again, this did not faze her, although it meant she had to do much of the prep again. She did not allow the delay to negatively effect her preparation or more importantly, her enthusiasm for my case. She really cares about her clients, and will give you all the time you need to feel comfortable that you are ready for your hearing. She is a very unique person and awesome attorney. The judge in my case was unprofessional and treated Kayleene quite rudely, apparently trying to embarrass her or get her to mess up her presentation. She took it in stride, (some attorneys would have given up and stopped trying to accomplish the goal, or run out crying – seriously, it was that bad). Kayleene was the consummate professional the whole time. Kayleene always responded quickly to my messages. I felt like she had my back at every moment leading to the hearing. Kayleene’s office staff is great, also, very receptive and helpful, always professional and friendly. Kayleene is an expert in the area of family law and spends considerable time and money to take courses and ensure she is on top of the area of law. It was very obvious she knew a lot more law than the judge or the opposing attorney in my case. She will listen carefully and give you her best advice, and if you propose an alternate approach, she will consider it and give you her considered advice as to that course; if she does not feel it is great, she will tell you and explain why. Then, she leaves it to you to decide. You just cannot go wrong with Kayleene on your side.

CindyJune 4, 2017