Cynthia B.

This attorney is amazing!  We did not win our case, but we feel good because Kayleene listened to us, understood our point of view, and was on our side 100% the whole way.  AND, she was more prepared for this hearing than any attorney ever could have been.  The loss of the case is all due to the judge; he’s got problems, to say the least.  We could not be more pleased with the representation,  however, of Ms. Writer.  She made herself available to us night and day, giving us personal cell and home numbers to call her.  She worked two full weekends preparing our case; after it was postponed once, she had to do it again, and did so cheerfully.   Kayleene has incredible knowledge of family law and how to present a case, and has a great handle on the evidence rules, too, so she knows what will be allowed as evidence in court or not.  She gives you her best advice and is willing to try things your way if you do not want her advice (please, take her advice!).  Her office staff are very pleasant, efficient, and helpful.  Every time you call the office, you can be sure you will receive top notch help.

Cynthia B.May 1, 2017