Outstanding & Excellent Attorney. I cannot say enough good things about Kayleene. She did amazing job on our gardenship of our niece. Kayleene was so nice when we met her we new she would be our attorney to help us out. She listened to us. If I left a message Kayleene would call me back ASAP. She made sure our paper work was done a head of time. Kayleene would call me on the weekends or at night to ask us questions about our case before we would have to be in court. Kayleene was always on time for court. She gave us great advise on everything we asked. Kayleene cares about her clients and will give you all the time you need to feel comfortable that you are ready for your hearing. Kayleene office staff is great also. Very receptive and helpful and very friendly. I would recommend Kayleene to anyone who needs a family law attorney. Kayleene talked to us and explained everything to us and let us know what was going to happened in court. Kayleene never failed us. Thank You Kayleene for everything

JamieAugust 22, 2018